Our Services


Extensive Knowledge

  • Pipeline installation
  • Pipeline repair
  • Pipeline maintenance
  • Facility construction
  • Pipeline installation – steel, fiberglass & polyethylene
  • Expertise in Hydraulic Cranes
  • Facility repairs & maintenance
  • Mechanical construction
  • Foundation and concrete construction
  • Pipeline experience - any kind, any size
  • Expertise in Dirt Work, Hydro Vac, Hot Taps
  • DOT-OQ Compliant

Expertise in welding, pipefitting and fabrication enables E.D. Walton Construction to excel in all aspects of customer requirements

Full Range of Equipment

Over 75% of E.D. Walton Construction vehicles are less than three years old.

Equipment is kept clean, always cleaned at least once a week.

Equipment is well maintained. E.D. Walton Construction has a preventative maintenance program in place with proper documentation.

There are two very important facts that your Company can realize by E.D. Walton Construction keeping their equipment new, clean and well maintained. First, your Company can count on E.D. Walton Construction showing up for work on time every day because we have done everything in our power to make sure our equipment will get to the job site. Second, by taking pride in our appearance, your Company will also realize that E.D. Walton Construction takes pride in our work also.

E.D. Walton Construction tries to have various and different kinds of equipment to meet the needs of all our customers we work for (i.e. road bore equipment, hot tap machinery, etc.)

How Can We Save Your Company Money?

With a mutual commitment to man power, we can provide a secure work force which will reduce turnover and the added expense of training and orientation.

If employees have a secure job, they will be more productive and take more pride in their work. Employees are allowed to see first hand the impact of their activities.

E.D. Walton Construction’s employee benefits and compensation, encourage long term employment therefore enhancing experience levels and workmanship, i.e. the people working today for our customers in all likelihood will be the same people tomorrow.

E.D. Walton Construction prides itself on doing a job properly the first time, therefore preventing down time (your Company’s money spent), on equipment failure or mistakes due to lack of experience.

Reduction of paper work and your Company supervisor work load by having a single source contractor-E.D. Walton Construction- with an on site supervisor to coordinate daily work.

Credit Cards accepted

Flexibility in relations to billing, accounting and project documentation to accommodate your Company’s needs.

Rates available upon request