About Us



We have offices in Snyder, Odessa and Sundown, Texas and a license to operate in New Mexico.

E.D. Walton Construction began operations in 1957. We have prospered in the good times and stood strong in the bad times. While our competitors are closing shop or cutting corners to stay open, E.D. Walton Construction is growing stronger every year. Your Company will appreciate the fact that you will be able to count on E.D. Walton Construction to be there, for you, for many years to come.

E.D. Walton Construction has the ability and willingness to expand to meet our customers needs in any location.


E.D. Walton Construction is fully insured for workman compensation, liability, waiver of subrogation, umbrella.

E.D. Walton Construction has had several major audits by both oil companies and governmental agencies, all have been found in compliance.

While other companies may be cutting corners to stay competitive, E.D. Walton Construction does the opposite. E.D. Walton Construction does whatever it takes to fully protect all our employees and customers alike. E.D. Walton Construction’s integrity in reference to invoicing, insurance, safety, taxation and other areas have been tested and they have always been found to be in compliance.

Quality Workmanship

Experienced labor force - over 80% of E.D. Walton Construction employees field foreman have been employed by E.D. Walton Construction for more than five years, many of them for more than ten years.

Employees are paid as much as, if not more than, their counterparts at other companies. They are also entitled to benefits such as retirement, insurance, etc.

Safety - All new employees go through an intense safety orientation prior to working in the field. All active employees are constantly educated on new safety procedures as they develop.

With E.D. Walton Construction having experienced, safe and well paid employees, your Company will realize that all tasks will be performed accurately and safely. Your Company will also realize that the people that work today will also be the same people who will work tomorrow, this is due to the fact that there is little turnover at E.D. Walton Construction.

Timely project completion

Since E.D. Walton Construction was created in 1957, it has tried to generate a mutual trust between the companies we work for through the quality of our work.